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Veronica Tovar LCSW Therapist in Modesto CA

About The Therapist

Veronica Tovar is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with both extensive educational and hands-on experience specializing in child therapy.  Her passion and primary focus is children’s mental health.  She utilizes various types of therapy to assist children with various conditions including behavioral issues, anxiety, and depression.  Veronica also specializes in working with victims of trauma, by utilizing various modalities including: play therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT).

It is important to ensure that the therapist you select is the right fit for you or your loved ones.

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Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Therapy to Help Regulate Emotions

Our treatments address solutions to bipolar disorders, depression, and negative feelings.

Mood Disorders

Modifying Reactions to Triggers

Our treatments address solutions to bipolar disorders, depression, and negative feelings.

Play Therapy

Therapeutic intervention helps children who are in child therapy express feelings and promotes trauma resolution.

Play Therapy in Child Counseling

Sandplay Therapy

Using a sandbox and toy figures, miniature worlds are created to reflect thoughts and struggles.

Child Trauma Sand Therapy Counseling

Upcoming Events

Parenting During Covid-19 Workshop

Parenting during Covid-19

VIRTUAL Two Part Workshop

Parenting has become an even more complex task during these unprecedented times.  Join us in this two part workshop to learn how to adjust parenting practices to better support our children during this time.


Workshop 1:

The first workshop will focus on the importance of balancing house duties, work, and distance learning.  Additionally, the trainer will be providing time management tips and other tips on how parents can be a support to their children during this time, specifically as it relates to distance learning.

Workshop 2:

The second workshop will focus on the importance of prioritizing our mental health.  The topics covered will include mindfulness, nourishing positive emotions, and practicing patience and empathy.  Lastly, we will  be learning about the importance of self-care and providing suggestions on how to practice it daily.


When: Workshop 1: September 23, 2020; Workshop 2: September 30, 2020

Time: 7PM-8PM

Where: Virtual Workshop (link will be sent day before workshop)

Cost: $25 (includes both parts)


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