Chilling Out: Coping Skills for the Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many individuals experience with varying degrees of intensity. Anxiety tends to overwhelm both the body and the mind. It is important for an individual to have tools to regulate their emotional and physical responses to anxiety. There are many ways to do this. Each of us has our own “go to” activities that calm us down or make us feel better. These are our natural coping skills and often are often very helpful. However, there are times when other coping skills may be beneficial. Below, I have highlighted some coping skills that can be helpful when experiencing anxiety. These techniques can be used by children or adults.
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Helping Children Heal: A Closer Look at Trauma Informed Parenting

Many individuals are actively parenting and caring for children who have survived some form of trauma. The experience can bring up a variety of emotions for everyone involved. These emotions can range from anger and frustration to overwhelming sadness. What can a parent or caregiver do to help their child(ren) and themselves? One avenue that parents and caregivers are exploring is trauma informed parenting.
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