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Clinical Supervision

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Breathing Through Counseling is now offering clinical supervision for Social Work Interns (ASWs) and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns (AMFTs) working for a government entity, non-profit, school or college in California.  All clinical supervision will be provided by our owner, Veronica Tovar, LCSW.  Veronica has completed all BBS requirements to supervise both ASWs and AMFTs.  Veronica is more than happy to provide verification upon request.

Veronica is committed to creating an environment in which the supervisees feel safe and supported as they learn and grow as clinicians.   Veronica views supervision as a collaborative process, using inquiry and discussion to promote discovery. Veronica strives to assist supervisees in building and honing their ability to evaluate risk, handle crisis situations, diagnostic evaluation, providing effective evidence-based treatment, and treatment planning.  Veronica seeks to provide quality, individualized supervision to help therapists at any stage of their professional development.

We encourage those considering clinical supervision to review the ABOUT section to gather more information regarding Veronica’s educational and professional experiences. This will allow you to assess if Veronica’s experiences align with your areas of interest.  Veronica welcomes any interested parties to contact her directly to discuss any areas of interests or concerns.

Skills Training Education and AbilityFees:

Individual Supervision: $120 per unit of supervision (1 hr)

*** Tele-health is available for individual supervision ONLY***

Triad Supervision: $95 per person per unit of supervision (1 hr)

Group Supervision: $320 per unit of supervision (2 hrs)

***Please note: Groups for group supervision must be created by individuals themselves.  Breathing Through Counseling & Wellness Services will not be creating groups. All groups must have one designated payor and payment is due prior to the start of each supervision session.  Once a group is established group fee will apply regardless of the amount of members that attend any given session. ***

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